2010′s Homecoming “Festival in the Field” well received by students

Well, Homecoming Week is over.  The decorations have come down, the themes are gone, and everything is back to normal.  An event that a lot of people missed out on was the Festival in the Field, held on September 29th.  The theme this year was “A Storm’s a Brewin’”, and, luckily enough, no storms brewed up on the 29th!

For starters, I’m disappointed I missed the Festival because the $1 entry fee was WAIVED!  No one had to pay anything to get in, and you even scored free hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks (provided you wore your class shirt).  Granted it was a “While supplies last” deal, there was still the chance to get free food and drinks!  I wish I would’ve gone now.

Now you might be wondering, what exactly happened at this event?  Well, there were five different events.  First was the Animal Call, where each class team was assigned an animal, blindfolded, and told to reunite with their herd (or flock, peck, gaggle, murder, etc.).  The Shoe Race was a new one (at least for me).  It involved running down the field to grab your shoes from a huge pile of everyone’s shoes, and running back to your class’ line and sending the next person down.  The Water Balloon Relay was held, as was the Bat Spin relay (where you spin around a bat and run to a certain point).  The classic 50 yards Run Race was also held.

There were rewards, in the form of two trophies.  There was a trophy for decorating as well as a trophy for winning the majority of the events.  The Senior Class took both trophies this year.

Mrs. Joanna Schmidt, who was the sponsor of the games.  She said that over 80 people came to this year’s Festival, so she definitely plans to do it again next year.  A lot of the event ideas came from Mr. Randy Johnson, but next year, a Games Committee will pick what events and games will be played from the suggestions of students.  “I thought it a fun evening, the amount of students that turned out was great and I hope that in the coming years the games will grow in popularity,” Schmidt said.

If students have any comments or suggestions for next year’s Festival in the Field, they can speak with Mrs. Hazelip or Mrs. Schmidt.

By: Brandon Smedley, Editor


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