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It has been a long battle, one that started at least 2 years ago, when I first suggested taking The Cub online, but it has finally came to fruition: The Cub is finally available anywhere you go.

But I am sad to say that the year that the cub made the leap, was also the year that the staff left. The staff that had made the cub great for the last two years had moved on, Jordan, Hannah, and Rachel all left The Cub behind to move on to college, and their future aspirations. I know I was sad to see them go, not only because they were valuable assets to the staff, but they were also my friends.

Our staff is small this year, but we have some very talented people from Mrs Prater’s Journalism class helping us. To them I am eternally grateful, because without them we wouldn’t have half the volume of stories that our site is enjoying and is going to continue to enjoy.

So, enjoy our brand-new website, and our countdown to Halloween! A variety of spooky stories will be appearing in celebration of the love-it-or-hate-it holiday!


Joshua Dean


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