Soccer providing Brown with many college choices

Cody Brown,  SHS senior, has the chance to play soccer at “three or four” colleges including Saint John’s University in Minnesota, Blue Field College in Virginia, and Hanover. The assistant coach from Hanover came and watched him play. Brown said, “The coach was impressed.” This is Cody’s 7th year playing soccer.

At a home game against Charlestown, the assistant coach from Hanover came to watch Cody play. Cody said, “Right after the game he told me I was good and he was impressed.” He has not got a full scholarship yet.

Cody really wants to go to Hanover. He said, “It’s a beautiful campus and the soccer program is great. The coach is nice.” Brown is really excited about this opportunity. Brown says this chance, “Makes me feel more confident about myself.”

– Sara McIntosh, Staff Writer


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