When “Wendy comes to town”, anything can happen

I’m sure that at the fair or at the football game or at one time you have seen Wendy. Yes, Wendy– from the restaurant. She shows up at random places. She has balloons and coupons for free frosty’s, or whatever size fry you want.  But it’s the person that is wearing that ridiculous costume that makes it all the better. “Only girls can wear the costume” says Megan, manager from Wendy’s.  So this means only females can be so fortunate to wear the outrageous costume.

I will explain my two encounters with the suit. You would think that when you see the suit you will say “No way.  I’m not putting that thing on” or “there is no way you would ever catch me dead in that thing.” Or “red is just not my color.” Believe me, I have said it all, but it’s almost like a thing that you can’t control. This may sound crazy, but it’s like the suit has magic powers. Every time I step into that suit, that “little red-head freckled girl that giggles inside” takes over. She is a wild one, too, I might add.

For example, a few weeks ago at the football game I was kindly asked to dress up as Wendy and just appear at the football game and give out footballs that abled people to receive free fries whatever size they desired. So thinking of what I went through at the fair, I couldn’t say “no” to my managers, so I agreed to wear that “outfit”. I went to the facilities and started to transform into this bloomer wearing red hair flaring Wendy. As soon as the outfit was on, Wendy came to town.

I went to the football game to do my duties. I tried to keep Wendy inside, but she was fighting. I walked up the bleachers and lights were flashing and Wendy slowly made her way out, posing for every picture she could fit it, and made sure everyone was looking at HER. At half time, the dance team was starting to prance their way onto the field. As they made their way I became filled with fear wondering what Wendy would do. The dancers took their positions and all of a sudden” Cherry Pie” started to play. I tried my hardest to stay seated. Wendy overpowered me and took control. She dragged my legs and feet from left to right. She stomped the yard.  That girl took it all the way home!

After the dance team was finished, I knew it was time for me to leave before it got worse. I made my way to my car and safely made it back to work.

Katelyn Hartlage stops for a curtsy at a home football game. As a Wendy's employee, Katelyn makes appearances at home games to hand out freebies to the crowd. (Photo by Kyle Naugle)

If you are brave enough to try the Wendy experience, calls Wendy’s and ask for Megan.

By: Katelyn Hartlage, Staff Writer



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