Baker finds “Godspell” enjoyable for the whole family

Godspell” is a musical directed by Bryce Blair in which the actors are portraying the book of Matthew from the Bible. It started by introducing a soloist (Blake Shircliff), one with an outstanding voice, making his way to the stage. Then the play lead into an energetic frenzy as all the cast jumped to the stage. However,  some actors were not very well into their role as they either did not take it seriously, or did not think they really mattered enough as background characters to stay in their roles.

One in particular did not even look as if she enjoyed herself during the first half of the play and kept looking to the crowd. She also remained rigid, draining some of the energy from the play. Yet, she did not stop the play’s overall enthusiasm.

An actor that stood out though would be one who seemed very delighted in her roles. Emily Gilstrap sang with wondrous vocals and stood out among the girls. She could be head from far in the very back, even when all the cast was singing together she stood out among them.

But she was not the only actor that held the ‘wow’ factor. Tad Silverthorn, playing the role of Jesus, commanded attention as it was plain for all to see that he took his role very seriously. He amazed the audience with his voice.

Another actor that should be mentioned is Conner Grigsby, at first he could not be heard very well, yet midway through the play he really picked up when he jumped into his song where he marched around with the entire cast. He really made it his own one man parade as he was wildly entertaining and he himself added a true comedy factor to ‘Godspell’ that was needed.

Finally, even the choreographer (Daniel Main) and the director (Bryce Blair) got into the mix by showing their pure singing talent as the play slowly ended. Overall this play had its childish parts, yet still held a dramatic factor. It showed good humor and taste, morals and values, and finally it accurately depicted the book of Matthew out of the Bible. “Godspell” is a musical made for the entire family.

Written by: Sean Eric Baker, Staff Writer


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