Boys soccer team scores with impressive season

The Boy Soccer team has reached an impressive mark, finishing their fourth season undefeated. The soccer team has not lost a game this regular season, having a record of 13-0-1. The Soccer team lost to the Seymour Owls October 9, 3-1.

After watching Seymour win their first game in Sectionals against Brown County, 5-0, Salem Captain Matt Steggeman pondered on some strategies at beating their six foot, seven inch goalie.  “We need to aim for the corners. We have to catch him off guard.” Cody Brown, another Salem Captain, evaluated the rest of the team. “Seymour is deep. Our defense will have to work hard.”

The Salem Soccer program has had a wild ride. The first season the team was established, they were unable to pull out a legitimist victory. The team did beat Sliver Creek in penalty kicks, although it was only for fun. Each year, the team has progressively gotten better, resulting in this year’s undefeated season. After Jim Johnson stepped down as the team’s head coach, Tim Catlett stepped up to the plate. “Each player’s skills have improved and Tim has put us in the right spot,” Cody Brown said of the team’s improvement. Matt said, “We mesh together as a team.”

The one thing that the team looks down upon this season is the last part of their record: the one tie. Although it doesn’t count as a loss and they are still technically undefeated, they feel that they should have had a perfect regular season. During the BNL game where they tied, a controversial call was made that resulted Salem anger and the injury of Cody Brown.

The Bedford goalie kicked the ball over midfield, where Matt settled the ball. He then made a lob pass to Cody sprinting down towards the goal. Cody tapped the ball in midair as the Bedford goalie jumped and threw an elbow into his lower jaw. The ball bounced into the goal, but it didn’t count, due to the referee calling offsides. The Salem coaches were screaming for the goal to count, but she refused. The goalie was given a yellow card for his actions.

After looking at video footage provide by Cody’s dad Gary, the call was one that was wrong. “The refs really took that win away,” Cody recalls. “But being Bedford, a tie is pretty good.” Matt has a similar opinion. “We played pretty well. We deserved the win, but a tie is a tie. It was one of our best games.”

The loss to Seymour during Sectionals gave the team their first defeat of the year.  The program has a bright future ahead, continuing off the momentum that the seniors this year have started.

By: Russ St. Clair, Staff Writer


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