Can books compete with e-literature, or is reading becoming a lost art?

Students have a busy schedule to say the least these days. With school work, afterschool activities, making time for a social life, and trying to sneak in at least eight hours of sleep, where does reading fit in? With the numbers rising for social networks and the increase in the amount that the average person spends on the computer, books are staying on the shelves more than ever.

Newspapers are starting to put their stories online and selling less hardcopies to the public. Brilliantly written books are being thrown to the side to make room for Facebook or Twitter. Small bookstores are closing due to the fact that people can get online and order from a larger company.

Books were written to get a point across and to potentially change someone’s perspective and to visually create a new world for others. Does this mean that our society’s imaginations have faded faster than you can update your Facebook status? Movies have also had a negative effect on books. A good fraction of people admit that they never read the Harry Potter series because they could go to the movie theater and watch it instead. Some authors have tried to publish their books online in hopes of getting more hit and reads.

After the Twilight series was publish, supernatural novels have sky-rocketed in the past few years. Between vampire love and eerie werewolves, some people just can’t get enough of these sci-fi thrillers. Sarah Dessen is also a popular choice among teen girls with her coming of age novels.  Some teachers have said that they think some students are taking advantage of the wide variety of literature in a good way.  Students are also need to learn how to separate the language that is appropriate for writing in the classroom and the language that is appropriate for texting and email.

“I think that it’s critical that students learn to read internet text appropriately,” said Lisa Gardner, the 9th grade English teacher at Salem High School.

By: Jessica Axsom, Staff Writer


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