Demons: Hollywood creation or something much darker?

These things are hiding in nightmares; they seem to be deformed, abstract looking beings that creep into the thoughts of man when they are least wanted. They are displayed as beings of total darkness, only existing to persuade humans into becoming sinners. These creatures exist, some in imagination, others maybe not. They are most commonly known as demons.

Demons are shown time and again as horrible creatures in the media. In the film “The Prophecy” though, demons are shown as fallen angels. Not disgusting looking things, but simply angels with withered black wings. “Maybe demons aren’t as we think they are,” said Pamela Baker, a 57-year-old resident of Pekin, IN. She  went on to say, “Well, don’t get me wrong. I believe without a doubt that no good can come from any demon. All I am saying is that maybe we just have the wrong idea is all.”

She is saying that they are out there. They just may not appear to be as bad as is thought. But they are terrible beings that will cause man to sin. Yet there is one thing that stands out about demons, and that is the half breed, or rather, half-demon.

Some would say that the term ‘half-demon’ isn’t accurate. It is true that, in some cases, it really isn’t. A half demon is a human who has demon blood as well. Sometimes this is because they have one parent who is a demon, or an ascended demon. Sometimes the link is more remote than that – a grandparent or ancestor. Obviously, the closer the connection, the stronger the ‘demon’ in the half demon will be, though even in the offspring of a demon and a human, the demon blood runs stronger in some than in others.

The abilities and traits of a half-demon are supposedly varied and wide. They may gain an affinity to fire maybe like their demon ancestor but they would never be able to fully grasp the power that a true demon would have. But there are perks, like the improving muscle mass even without having to work out. But there are also some major drawbacks, noticeable traits that stand out among humans. Like horns, oddly colored eyes, or maybe even a strange transformation into a wild creature following the moon pattern. Even if they tried to get rid of their telling traits, like grind off their horns, the trait will come back.

Whether believed to be real or not, demons are apart of culture, nightmares, maybe even that whispering voice in the back of someone’s mind. They could be waiting in the dark corners of old abandoned buildings, having fled to the safe feeling of the night. No one knows but they could be in among us disguised as humans and maybe pulling it off.

By:  Sean Eric Baker, Staff Writer


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