French Club starts year with busy agenda

French Club is very busy this year. Activities planned so far this year include setting up a booth at the street fair, selling T-shirts, going to Le Petit Café, and a few fundraisers. The fundraisers include French Movie Night, and selling H&R Bakery goods.

At the street fair the club will be selling baked goods, students are to donate items to the club, and the profit goes to French Club. At the last meeting members voted on their favorite shirt for the T-shirt designs, which will be on sale soon. In November the members who donated to the bake sale will be able to go to Bloomington to Le Petit Café, followed by shopping at the College Mall. Members of the club are also selling doughnuts and brownies from H&R Bakery. Profits made from that go to the students’ T-shirts, Europe trip, or Bloomington trip.

“I like that we are selling things for our use, and people who don’t sell things don’t get the use of the money,” said Tyler Garriott about the profit made.  French Club is also planning French Movie Nights. Movies will be shown and concessions provided. Money from concessions will go to the club.

There is also future planning going on between the officers and Madame Campbell. “We have been planning and looking through different trips, but nothing has been decided, “Jacob Morehead, an officer, says.

There will be a trip to Europe in 2012. There will be meetings for the people hoping to attend soon, listen to the announcements for further information.

By: Anna Jenkins, Staff Writer


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