Marching band finishes season on high note

The Salem Marching Lions finished off their season with a great show at Regionals placing silver, only point four points away from gold. “Our seniors will be dearly missed as next year’s season comes and we hope to see them as visitors,”  Mrs. Bonnie Harmon stated.  Seniors who finished their final season were guard girls Becca Rodgers and Emiko Willison, Drum Majors Frank Levering and Josh Medlock, trumpet Travis Mull, and clarinetist Angle Wiseman.

Frank Levering and Josh Medlock both were the drum majors this year for the show known as “Rome”. Being  a senior,  Frank states, “No, I don’t think of using this as a career in the future, but it is a hobby I’ll never forget.”

“Performing for people, especially my family, is my favorite part about marching band”, Frank stated. Even though they work hard to present a great show and win awards, they still look at this sport as being a family that works together at everything they do. Josh Medlock stated, “Being able to be a part of a family that works together and has common interests is one of the many things I love about Marching Band.” Performing in front of many makes them feel power and happiness. Katherine Lahue states, “My favorite part of marching band is feeling the adrenalin when you perform because every eye is on you, and you feel on top of the world. “

Being a part of the marching band seems to be a big responsibility. Katherine Lahue was the guard rep this year and she states, “As guard rep it is my duty to represent the guard in decisions the band council makes with the directors.” Katherine states, “I present the vote that will best benefit the guard.” Becoming a part of the band council is a very big honor for Katherine as she states that, “I am happy to be in the position to pass down my knowledge to new members and make the color guard better and easier.”

Watching a show start off to be so small and simple growing to be something so grand and breath taking, that’s my inspiration in marching band,” Frank says. They each look for a inspiration to keep them motivated in this sport. Josh states, “Seeing the young come in and grow to be such great musicians remind me how I was, that’s definitely my inspiration.”  They even keep going just because of one person they look up to. “Mr. Trueblood is one of the main people who inspires me because he always pushes me to be better at the things I want and what I do,” Katherine explains.

By: Mykala Amos, Staff Writer


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