Sky’s new single “Obsession” is great

Sky Ferreira is planning to release her first album in January 2011, but one song; “Obsession,” is already a big hit. The song is a cross between synths, vocals similar to Katy Perry’s, and a sort of sexiness that could’ve been taken straight from Cat Woman herself. The song is produced by record producers Ryan Tedder, DJ Frank E, and Skins and is very catchy; it will be stuck in your head for days.  Released on September 14th, 2010 the song “Obsession” sung by the American pop vocalist/actress Sky Ferreira is her debut single. The song is so addictive that those of us who “have two left feet,” will be wishing we could dance after hearing it, the song is that good. The music video for the song was released on September 30th, and was directed by Marc Klasfeld.  To hear the song, check out this video:

Featured on the show “Vampire Diaries”, which is played on Thursday nights at 8:00pm on The CW channel, the song has obtained an enormous amount of publicity since its release this September and is already immensely popular. For “Vampire Diaries,” “Obsession” is featured on their soundtrack album and is in promotional video for the show.  The only other single releases made by Sky Ferreira are songs titled “One” and “17”, which are also considered to be pop music genre.  To see the video that includes Obsession, try this:

“One”, is also a catchy single, but has more of a techno feel to it, a fact that is also evident when Sky Ferreira compares herself to a robot throughout the song. Released on August 23rd 2010, the song was Sky’s first European single, and entered the UK Singles Chart at #64 on August 29th.  Written by Marit Bergman and Sky herself, the song was produced by Bloodshy & Avant. Sky describes the meaning of the song as “being numb and wanting to feel love, happiness, sadness—anything, really. It’s kind of like the Tin Man wanting a heart.” In an interview with DigitalSpy, Sky also said that “One” is “about being in a relationship where you’re ignored – any type of relationship, not necessarily romantic. It’s about that point when you don’t feel anything – you don’t feel happy, you don’t feel sad, but you want to feel something… There’s always someone in a relationship who wants more attention and starts trying too hard to please the other person. The thing is, the more you try to please that person, the less effort they make because they know you’ll do anything they want.” The music video for “One,” was directed by photographer, Rankin, and was released to the Parlophone YouTube channel on July 2nd 2010.  To see the video for “One”, with lyrics, watch this video:

To be honest, the music video for “One”, compared to the actual song, is horrible! The video itself does not do the song any justice, and is poorly made. All the video really consists of is Sky Ferreira in a red outfit on the floor, and then she messes with a parachute and sings into a light bulb. It’s really “something.” More like garbage. You would expect better from a world renowned photographer such as Rankin. But, the song itself isn’t that bad.

The song “17” just can’t seem to live up to the reputation set up by Sky’s other singles. Maybe it’s the softer melody, since fans are used to her usual upbeat music that “17”, just can’t seem to bring to the table.

by Brittany Campbell, Staff Writer


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