Swim team prepares to dive into new season

The Salem High School swim team is in the process of pre-season right now. Pre-season is where the swimmers workout in the weight room or at the YMCA to build muscle and get in shape before the season coming up. When the actual swim season gets here, they will work on strokes, and flip turns and more to make them faster and better at swimming.

Practices for the pre-season are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school. Eventually during the regular season, the practices will be every day. “There aren’t any swim meets happening right now, but they usually start a month or so after training,” Shelley Packwood, a member of the girl’s team says. “Our biggest rival is definitely Floyd Central. They are a great team, and always win sectionals.” The team usually starts out competing with teams close to our school, like Scottsburg.

Written by: Amber Hollen, Staff Writer


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