Halloween: Oh, how it’s changed!

Children are eager to leave their classrooms to run home and put on the costume that has been taunting them for weeks; they are ready to finally wear it for those few hours. The chilly breeze of the October 31st air carries the sweet scent of chocolate and fruity candy mixed together in little pumpkin buckets. A toddler is whimpering in his mother’s arm as she carries him up to another door step to receive a handful of mini candy bars and fruit snacks. The older children run ahead of everyone else to the next house, lit up with the welcoming porch light, to plead with the famous line “trick or treat.”

Halloween has evolved over the past 30 years, to say the least. Most parents can agree that when they were younger, Halloween was about dressing up with your friends in home-made costumes and the adventure of trick-or-treating, not about who had to goriest costume and accumulated the most candy.  The children of today’s decade might say that the most important part of Halloween is to go to the houses that are notorious for giving handfuls of candy vs. the average household that gives out only a few pieces.  They might also agree that if you aren’t dressed as a Hannah Montana or Spiderman, you might as well stay at home.

“Outfits are more provocative and we were more about looking cute and having fun,” said Katelyn Hartlage, a senior at Salem High School.

For the teenagers, Halloween isn’t about being glued to the television to watch the scariest Halloween thrillers anymore. Instead, you can probably catch most of us in a haunted house or corn maze, screaming the night away.  The generous people who do decide to hand out candy have to be more careful with the sweet treats they choose. With peanuts being the number one food allergy in America, consumers should have one bucket with non-peanut products and one with if they choose to buy candy that might contain any kind of nuts.  Can you say trick-or-treat?

Written by: Jessica Axsom, Staff Writer


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