Plant a tree, save a planet!

The glaciers are melting, everyone knows it. But the topic people can’t seem to agree on is what is causing it. Some believe that the Earth is just in a cycle that it takes, where everything warms up. It’s based on the Medieval Warm Period that took place in the late part of the ninth century.

Records show that the late twentieth century and the early twenty-first century are the hottest years since that time. The temperature of the earth is increasing with every year and the most common belief is that it is the fault of humans. We are destroying our own planet, our only home! The most intelligent beings on this planet are killing everything. The sad thing is, we’re not only killing ourselves, but everyone and everything else.

Burning trash, driving cars, operating factories and cutting down trees are causing the ozone layer to disappear and that lets damaging ultra-violet rays of sunshine into the atmosphere. People have seen the commercials, they have seen the evidence, but the real question is: Do they care? Do they care that the planet is getting warmer with each year? Do they care that millions of animals are losing their homes due to deforestation and melting ice caps? Do they care that animals are dying? Do YOU care?

The polar bear has always been endangered, but humans are technically no longer their biggest threat. Polar bears are drowning. They can only swim for so long before they get tired, and when they leap off an iceberg they need to find a place to land less than 200 miles away. But ice is melting. The bears have no place to rest, so they drown. These beautiful creatures are dying because we, as a human race, cannot walk or ride a bike to the library or school or work. Humans have become lazy! Other animals being affected by our carelessness are toads, penguins, arctic foxes, tree swallows, grey wolves, salmon and painted turtles. Gorgeous animals are dying at our expense. How selfish.

What’s going to happen next year? Five years? Twenty years? Even one hundred years? Is it going to have to become some colossal event before humans step it up and try to preserve the only place we have? Or is everyone still going to ignore it and hope it just goes away? You could be the person to start a movement to save a polar bear from a watery grave. Let’s apologize for what others are doing. One person could end it all simply by cutting back on driving, or if nothing else, getting a car with a better fuel economy. Some newer appliances are coming out with a green star printed on the package. The star means that it saves energy. These two objects are common household object that are usually used at least one time a day.

If nothing else, go plant a tree, or two, or a whole forest! Every little thing helps and adds up to one big thing. Trees will reduce energy bills and provide a shady spot to have a picnic in the yard. It’s not hard and the products usually end up paying for themselves in the long run. A couple more dollars for a coffee pot is worth saving a little kid’s favorite attraction at the zoo.

Written by: Heather Nale, Staff Writer


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