Meister finds Louisville ghost tour hauntingly interesting

Most people living in the Louisville, Kentucky area see it as just a very large city, with many attractions, bright lights, and lots of traffic. However, what most people don’t know about the city is that many of the historical landmarks and buildings experience paranormal activity.

The Louisville Ghost Walk takes you on a tour around the city. It lets you see the building and the tour guide, who often dresses in different clothes from many different centuries, gives you a descriptive detail of the building. “Most paranormal activity doesn’t start until the building has been renovated,”said one of the tour guides.

The Seelbach Hotel is the final stop of the tour. Over the years many people have sighted “The Lady in Blue”. She received her name from the elegant blue dress that she wears. She appears as a human being, and you cannot see through her. She looks completely solid. She is the ghost of a woman who heard that her soon-to-be husband died in an accident on his way to meet her at the hotel. The woman then threw herself off of the 8th floor elevator shaft. Since then her ghost has haunted the hotel.

The most notorious sighting of her is when she enters the second floor elevator and disappears, and the faint smell of perfume is left behind.

When people enter the hotel, they should pay close attention to the floor numbers; the digital numbers often say that they are the 8th floor. In most cases the elevator itself is not on the 8th floor.

Everyone should take the journey of the Louisville Ghost Walk. It is a wonderful experience and you never know what you may experience.

Written By: Erica Meister


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