Whitfield moves in as new SHS assistant principal

Forget about cool new kid in town, try cool new administrator. Mr. Wesley Whitfield, Salem High School’s new assistant principal comes to the school from Paoli where he used to teach Government and Economics. “It was stuff I was interested in,” Whitfield says about the subjects he taught, “it has an impact on things.” Whitfield student taught under Principal Derek Smith, when Smith was the Government teacher. “He was helpful,” Whitfield says, commenting on Smith, “He gave me a lot of ideas on classroom management.”

“I wanted to be an administrator.” Whitfield says about coming to be on the SHS staff. “Student teaching under Mr. Smith made the move easier.” He says he likes being a principal; it all goes back to one thing, “I wanted to be involved with all the students instead of just one class of seniors.”

But it’s not all work for Mr. Whitfield, for fun he likes to play golf and watch sports, mainly football and baseball. His favorite teams being University of Michigan (football) and the Atlanta Braves (baseball).

Mr. Wesley Whitfield

Written by:  Jessica “Charlie” Seabolt


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