Annual SADD “Meet in the Middle” comes to SHS

When you think about a S.A.D.D conference, you probably think about sitting around a table and discussing endless topics all revolving around the issue, students against destructive decisions. In a way, you are kind of right but in other ways, you are extremely wrong. The Meet in the Middle S.A.D.D conference that was held on November 4th, students from four different schools came to Salem High School to compare what their S.A.D.D chapter does to raise awareness, any new ideas that they might have, and some of the upcoming campaigns that the Nation S.A.D.D organization has planned.

Students that were lucky enough to attend the conference were able to meet other dedicated S.A.D.D members and come up with new ideas for fundraisers and ways to inform other students about the decisions that they make and how it could potentially affect their lives.  A major topic this year is one that everyone should be more informed on, not just people under the age of 18, texting while driving. Texting and other distractions while driving have become the number one cause of fatal accidents, replacing driving while under the influence.

The meeting was more than just business though. The S.A.D.D members and other students in the B lunch had to chance to drive the “Cruisin’ Cooler,” a motorized cooler that had a S.A.D.D logo on the side of it. Meeting other students and hearing the reasons that they are involved with S.A.D.D gave Salem’s chapter chance to share our reasons for being a part of this organization and some new ideas for the remaining school year. You never know what S.A.D.D’s next decision will be.

By: Jessica Axsom, Staff Writer


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