Annual Saturday Science proves successful

Science Club members led the yearly Saturday Science event on October 30. At Saturday Science, third, fourth and fifth graders were taught different branches of science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) by the members in each of the science department rooms. The kids not only learned about each type of science, but they were also able to make something involving one of the branches to take home. The kids not only had an educational experience, but also had some fun with some older students.

Kimberly Mount worked in Mr. McCurdy’s room, teaching the kids about Biology and Anatomy. She was in charge of dissecting the eye of a cow. “It went pretty good,” she said. “Some didn’t find the dissection fun to what. But others enjoyed it.” Shane Loughran, who worked with electricity, seemed to enjoy the experience. “It made me feel like Minnesota head coach Tubby Smith when he won his first game for High Point College.” Gunnar Kennedy felt similar. “It was the greatest experience of my life.”

Mr. John Calhoun, the man over the chemistry portion of it, always has a good time. His opinion was simple. “It was awesome.” The money earned goes to support Science Club and their future plans, such as their annual campout.

-By: Dylan St. Clair, Staff Writer


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