Christmas already?

As the winter months come, holidays are coming fast. Holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and many people’s favorite Christmas, are growing closer and closer. All of which are occasions that usually require decorations and parties. But what would be the right time to begin setting up for these wondrous occasions? Definitely not a full month and a half before the actual holiday.

You start to see Halloween decorations being sold in stores about 2 weeks or so before October 31st, leaving you the perfect amount of time before the holiday to get your house good and scary. Not to mention getting that perfectly perfect costume. After the ghostly holiday is over, it’s like all these tiny little elves pop out at midnight in stores to clear out any evidence that Halloween even happened.

When Halloween is good and gone, you start to see a few little cornucopias or cartoon turkeys trickle in the stores. Even though there aren’t really specific decorations for Thanksgiving itself, people still decide it’s a great holiday to get all the Fall décor out of the way for that special family day. You see mini pumpkins and gourds or those plastic exaggerated red, yellow, and orange leaves all around. Those decorations are great at welcoming the real Autumn months.

Now, you would think you would follow the same example as Halloween ending and morphing itself into Thanksgiving for Christmas, right? But no of course not. People decide that just because the weather is getting chilly out Christmas is going to be here tomorrow. Really? No. If people started putting up fake spider webs and jack-o-lanterns at the beginning of September you would call them crazy. If you can’t do it for earlier holidays, then why in the world is it okay for Christmas decorations to come up BEFORE Thanksgiving? It shouldn’t be.

If you walk into any grocery store such as Wal-Mart or something the first thing you see when you walk into the door is a big, sparkling (completely ornamented) Christmas tree. Seeing something such as that would make one want to stop and think, “Oh crap, is it December already? I better get my Christmas list ready!” But, fret not, date-worried people—it’s only November 9th. Why do people think it is okay to get out of the order of things and get ready for a holiday that is a month away? Have people skipped over Thanksgiving just to get closer to the gift-giving occasion? I certainly hope not.

Christmas decorations should not be put up a month and a half before Turkey day. Why not wait like we do for Halloween until the holiday is actually OVER before putting up other decorations for other holidays? Why would you want to mess up the order of the magical holiday time of the year? You don’t see Halloween decorations way before October 31st. Just because it’s November, doesn’t mean Christmas is right around the corner and you’re missing your opportunity to put up the tree and your nativity scene.

So people, slow down. Keep the ornaments and lights in their designated boxes until at least Thanksgiving is over, please. Stop wanting time to move faster than it already is. Relax, Christmas will be here soon enough, and you have plenty of time to put up the decorations.

– By Samantha Spaulding, Staff Writer


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