Hawthorne Heights rocks Rhino’s

October 15, 2010 Hawthorne Heights preformed at Rhinos, an all age’s club in Bloomington, IN. Hawthorne Heights, an American rock band, was formed in 2001. The band began named “A Day in the Life”. Recently, one of the members, Casey Calvert, guitarist and vocalist, passed away; this left the band with four members. The band has successfully recorded three albums.

The show at Rhinos included three other bands from the area preforming before Hawthorne Heights. “All of the bands around here were amazing and have potential at a future with their music, “JT Woodruff, lead singer of Hawthorne Heights, said before the performance. I agree with his statement. The bands were very good. Hawthorne Heights was the performance of the night. Not hearing much about them before the concert, I was surprised by the performance. They did an amazing job. Their lyrics had very deep meaning. My favorite song of the night was “Ohio is for Lovers.”

At the end of the show JT Woodruff stood at the exit allowing fans to talk with him. Many fans took pictures and got autographs. I, myself, got a picture with him. Altogether I’m very glad I was invited to go.

Anna Jenkins, Staff Writer


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