iPod Touch 4th generation almost meets expectations

Recently released to the public by Apple, the iPod Touch 4th generation stays true to the standards set by Apple’s previous products. The iPod is advertised to have retina display, HD video recording, and better than ever gaming capabilities. Those three things have lived up to far more than expectations. Imaging is crisp along with sound (from speaker and headphones), touch screen response isn’t slow, basically it’s like the previous iPod Touches but with new features such as FaceTime and cameras on the front and back, the back for video and photos and the front for FaceTime.

There are no complaints from me so far, not having for too long anyway. It’s really been my best friend, if you will. The real only complaint I have is the image quality from the camera. The resolution is very poor. More specifically, the photos appear “fuzzy”, though the camera feature itself is very good in my opinion, the photos taken with the device isn’t very good. The video quality is great, but the photos do not. But as much as I love taking photos that isn’t going to stop me from using the feature. The iPod Touch 4th generation is quiet simply the best piece of technology I own, it being practically an iPhone itself, it’s definitely something to put on your wish list.

– By Jessica “Charlie” Seabolt, Staff Writer


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