Silly Bandz: Newest fashion fad for all ages

What are the tiny rubber bands little girls are giddy for? Silly Bandz.  Rob Croak (inventor of silly bandz) was inspired while at a toy convention and saw rubber bands designed by a Japanese design team. Now little kids everywhere think they’re the most valuable things in the world.

“I like Silly Bandz because I can trade them with my friends,” says fifth grader Madison DeNardi. “It’s really fun to wear them and be able to show your friends all the different kinds of shapes you have.”  Some of the more popular Silly Bandz include, animals, princess, rock band, and yes, even Justin Bieber.  Silly Bandz now come in rings, necklaces, and back pack clips also.

These creative little silicone molds aren’t just for children though. You can buy “Adult” Silly Bands, which consist of an assortment of provocative shapes. This might have taken things a little too far. “Silly Bands are a cute way to express yourself,” says Natalie Boling. “They can really show your interests. But, taking it over into “adult” life is a little on the gross side of things.”  Children are the primary consumer of these bands, and now manufacturers have tainted the concept to the point of being ridiculous.

“I think that Silly Bandz are going to be around for a while,” says Boling. Whether this is, or is not true, one thing is for sure. Silly Bandz have taken the world by storm, and they may just be the next big fashion statement of the twenty first century.

-By Paige DeNardi, Staff Writer


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