Taylor Swift pulls no punches in new release, “Speak Now”

Taylor Swift’s newest album, “Speak Now,” released October 25, 2010, was full of love stories and fairytales. Her songs ranged from the drama of a stolen boyfriend to life’s complications as you grow up.

For Taylor Swift fans that had been waiting forever to hear her latest album, will not be disappointed. “Taylor Swift sings country in a way that if you hate country, you will still be a fan of her,” Angie Hollen, a Taylor Swift fan says, “She doesn’t make her songs about depressing death or divorce like a lot of country singers do.”

On a scale of one to five, “Speak Now” would earn a five because Taylor’s songs were relatable. “A lot of girls feel that the song lyrics describe how they feel about a situation that Taylor sings about, Anna Jenkins gives her opinion, “She doesn’t whine and complain, she simply states her feelings through her lyrics about an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart.”

-By Amber Hollen, Staff Writer


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