Texting teens + driving = accident waiting to happen

You are texting your boyfriend while getting ready for school in the morning while he is driving himself to school. He is headed down the road and looks down to read a text that says “Do you need to go?” He wrecks and that is the last thing you’ll ever tell him. Wouldn’t you want your last words to someone you care about to be something meaningful, like I love you? Or to be in person, not over a handheld screen?

Surveys show that one in four people admit to using their cell phone while driving. There is no text that can’t wait. I would feel terrible if I knew I was the reason someone wrecked and lost their life, wouldn’t you? Waiting until you get to where you are going to answer the text, and saying everything to the person before you leave is better than regretting sending them a text that steals their life from them.

Even waiting until you’re at a stoplight or a stop sign can still be dangerous. Even though you’re stopped, you are still being distracted and dividing your attention so you can’t focus on if there is another vehicle coming to smash into you while you’re “safely” texting at a stoplight.

In the U.S. 100,000 people have died from using their phone while behind the wheel according to Wikipedia. Putting your phone on silent or turning it off can reduce the temptation to check the texts, or answer the incoming calls. If you are expecting an important notification while on the road, pull over when you receive it so you’ll be safer. Making simple choices of ignoring your cell phone can make the biggest difference in reducing the number of lives lost per year due to cellular devices.

By: Amber Hollen, Staff Writer


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