What do girls really want? McIntosh discovers the truth

Guys are always saying that they don’t know what girls want. They think girls are much more complicated than we are. Here are a few things that girls really want:

  • “A guy who is faithful and spontaneous, just randomly gives you a hug,” says Erica Meister.
  • “An honest guy,” says Miranda Palmer.
  • “Girls want a guy that will treat them right and are nice,” said Casey Spaulding.
  • “Girls want money and diamonds,” says Luke Martin.
  • “Girls want a guy that will be their friend and their boyfriend. There is a time to be romantic, caring, and a time to be thoughtful. When your boyfriend openly looks at a girl in front of you they clearly don’t care,” says Emily Schocke.
  • “Someone you can watch football with who won’t bother you for sex during it. Someone you can party with who won’t be mad when you talk to other guys. Someone who won’t be whiney, needy, and clingy,” said Chelsea Coulston.
  • “I don’t really know because honestly it’s hard to tell. Girls are all different and they all want different things. The idea I have is that girls want to be happy and loved,” said Cody Dinsmore.

Here is what I say girls want:

  • A guy who listens.
  • A guy who is goofy and you can have fun with. No girl wants to be in a boring relationship.
  • A guy who doesn’t call her names.
  • He respects her enough to listen and understands her.
  • We do not care what you look like or how much money you make. We care about your heart and your personality.
  • A guy who only has eyes for you and only you. We want to be the one and only girl our man thinks is beautiful. We want to be the best in his eyes.

Guys if you have these qualities you should be able to get a girl to fall for you easy. Just remember every girl is different. Just respect her, don’t cheat or lie and you should have a great relationship. If you ever date a girl and realize it was a mistake end it quickly so that you don’t hurt her. The longer you are together the harder it will be on her.

– By Sara McIntosh, Staff Writer


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