Animal Shelter needs volunteers, support

What if you were in a cage,  beaten, abandoned and hurt? Once you were  in a home filled with people who cared and loved you.  Now you are ignored, maybe hurt, and you watch the days go by until you are either retrieved by your owner, adopted by a new family, or euthanized.

With the slump in the economy, people are abandoning homes (and pets). The number of homeless animals is increasing, yet everyone looks elsewhere for the answer to the problem. With most animal shelters on the outskirts of town, one of society’s biggest problems is kept like a dirty secret, out of sight, out of mind.

It is not just about animal cruelty, but it is also about animal shelters too. Some animal shelters are cruel and filthy and some others are not. “I like animal shelters because you can go back there and pet them, but one thing I hate it because you can hear the animals whine and then I feel bad,  and then I want them all,” says Tori Penix, and Tamara Hagan adds, “Animal cruelty is a serious problem.”

One of the most effective ways to help eliminate the number of unwanted pets is to spay and neuter. Most animal shelters offer vouchers to help pay for the cost of surgery if the owner cannot afford it.  With holidays approaching, think twice before you give the gift of a pet. While puppies and kittens are cuddly and adorable, they grow up into adults and demand commitment for care. Many people do not want the responsibility, then the animal ends up in the shelter.

You can help support the animal shelter if you want. It’s located on 204 Joseph Street, Salem, IN. Their number is (812)883-3673, and the website is .

The shelter is always looking for volunteers and is always in need of cleaning supplies, postage stamps for mailings, and pet foods.

The shelter hours are 4 PM to 6 PM Mon. through Fri. and 8 AM to 1 PM Sat. Closed Sun. and holidays. For Salem Animal Control or Salem Animal Shelter call 883-3673. For Washington County Animal Control call 883-5999.

– Written by: Samantha Blevins, Staff Writer


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