How to make the first date a fear-free event

Most of us have high expectations for a first date. I believe you should do whatever you and your date like to do and just have fun with it. You could go bowling, see a movie, go to a friend’s house, or even drive around and show each other places that matter to you. Your first date should always be fun and should make you want to date that person again. I say just do what you feel like doing and have lots of fun,  even if you don’t spend any money.

Other students said:

*  April Lamb: “Go to a movie and dinner (better than McDonalds). After wards go get coffee and talk about your dreams.”

*  Kristian Terrell:  “Good dinner, a movie and he pays.”

*  Caitlin Agan said:  “Going to a festival or something.”

*  Angelica Wiseman:  “A fair or something fun.”

*  Luke Martin says: “Take her to a coffee shop and ignore her.”

* Emily Schocke:  “Just hanging out. Not spending money is ok as long as you are together and happy. Maybe go to the Falls of Ohio.”

*  Shelley Packwood: “I would go to the movies, and then Olive Garden.”

-Written By: Sara McIntosh, Staff Writer


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