Indoor soccer extends season play

The fall season of High School soccer is over, but that doesn’t mean the players are done. There are any number of local facilities such as Buckner in Oldham, Kentucky, Mockingbird in Louisville, Kentucky, and Twin Lakes in Bloomington, Indiana. They give you the opportunity to play with other players not on your own team, and learn other skills you’re not learning from your regular season coach.

“Mockingbird indoor soccer gives me the chance to improve on speed, foot skills, and first touch during the off season,” says sophomore Melody Cooke, forward on the Salem High School Girls Soccer Team. “For those who don’t know first touch is being able to control a ball in a confined space while receiving a pass.” In fact, Mel says that her coach, Thomas Scifres, encourages her to participate in indoor soccer because it gives her the opportunity to work under a different coach. “Tom encourages the whole team to play, because he feels like if we play with a different coach they can show us different things than we have the chance to learn playing with just him.”

Indoor soccer isn’t just for girls, though. Many High School boys play soccer too. “Indoor soccer’s really easy because the goal box is smaller,” says Derek Catlett, goalie for the Salem High School Boys Soccer team. “It makes my job as a keeper easier, but it’s still fun.” The standard size of a standard soccer goal is 8 feet by 24 feet, whereas the measurement of an indoor goal is about half the size.

The first session of indoor soccer starts at the end of October, and the second session starts the beginning of January. “I really think that if you haven’t played soccer before, Indoor would definitely get you in shape,” says Cooke. “It’s a faster paced game, so by the end you’re pooped but it’s totally worth it.”

-Written by: Paige DeNardi, Staff Writer


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