New O.W.L Club brings Hogwart’s magic to SHS

A new club was introduced to Salem High School in the last few weeks. The O.W.L. club, also known as the Organization of Wizardry Leisure, already has over 70 members.

“There’s a lot of participation,” says Head Girl and Founder, Kiki Jones. Jones and her friends Cody Brown, Wendy Fleenor and Logan Blackwell, all seniors, started the O.W.L. club after sitting down and talking about the magical world of Harry Potter. Brown is Hufflepuff prefect, Fleenor is Slytherin prefect and Blackwell was voted Head Boy.

At a recent meeting, the Ravenclaw house elected sophomore Connor Williams as their prefect and Gryffindor elected senior Anthony Scifres as their prefect.

Mr. Mark Carter serves as the club Headmaster. Carter is an English teacher at SHS and helps organize the club’s activities.

The club is very active in the community and is doing many things for community service. “We are collecting canned foods for the food bank, books for the women’s shelter and we have a Relay for Life team,” Jones said. If any member donates food or books, they can earn points for their house. Members were sorted in their houses by using an online quiz.

The club is also having a bake sale, but not one that most would expect. The club will be selling cuisine that most see at Hogwarts, or can purchase in Hogsmead. “We are going to have chocolate frogs, butter beer, pumpkin pasties, and tons of other stuff,” Blackwell said. The club hopes to have a bigger response to their unusual bake sale than the more traditional clubs. “We will dominate,” Fleenor adds.

The club hopes to make a trip to the Harry Potter world of Disney World in later years. A more future task is spring quidditch. Quidditch is the primary sport of wizards and witches in the Harry Potter series. “There are muggle quidditch leagues,” Brown says that the sport involves a lot of physical contact.

The club hopes to do a lot of community service and be recognized as a school club next year. The seniors hope that underclassmen will develop the club more when they graduate.

-Written by: Heather Nale, Staff Writer


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