‘Tis the season: Black Friday lures shoppers with unbelievable bargains

Do you know anyone who starts preparing their game plan for Christmas shopping in June? Do they rip open the Sunday paper to scan the advertisements and compare the prices from each store? Have you ever watch them physically fight over an item on Black Friday? Well, let the best man win because it’s that time of year again.

A few weeks ago, Black Friday sales ads were leaked onto the internet and shoppers are already preparing to get their wish lists taken care of. Best Buy has a Samsung 46” LCD HDTV for only $999.98 and 32 GB Zunes listed for $209.99.  Popular movies, such as Killers, are priced as low as $5.99. With popular stores using antics like these to lure customers in, it’s no wonder that every year people are injured and sometimes killed during the shopping frenzy. In 2008, a Wal-Mart employee was killed when a large group of shoppers stampede the store as the doors opened for business.

Wal-Mart is up for the challenge this year as well, offering HP laptops for as low as $298.00 and TomTom GPS systems for $59.00. Target is another store on the list with movies, such as Mama Mia and Marley and Me, for $3.99. With prices like these, it’s easy to see why shoppers would go to extraordinary lengths to save. Samsung SMX-F40 SD 52X Optical Zoom Camcorders at K-Mart are going at the low price of $119.99. Looks like it’s time for everyone to submit their Christmas lists.

-Written By: Jessica Axsom, Staff Writer


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