Charlestown lights up the Season


Anna Jenkins

The very popular lights in Charlestown, Indiana were turned on November 26th. Many fans gathered around Jennings Park on the square to witness the lights coming up. Every day between November 26th and New Year’s Day, the lights will turn on at 6 pm. To experience the amazing, beauty of the lights, and the music going along with the flashing lights; although it is possible to go to the website to watch a video showing the lights. “This year there is something new that even the Mayor isn’t sure about,” John Swift, the father of Mr, Wade-Swift, the Middle School teacher, said. Many people love going to the event just to get in the mood of Christmas. Many families, such as mine, have made it a family tradition to go see the amazing lights.

The idea started from a family who wanted to put up a lot of Christmas lights just for fun. Before long people could walk around to look at the lights and the owners of the house was collecting money just to build on. The last year the event took place, someone broke into the money safe and stole the money. Without the excitement from the home in Underwood, IN, Charlestown took over.


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