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On one Saturday afternoon I was on a nice cruise to town….. and I had to pick my mom up from work and take her to the hair salon.  So I pick up my mother and take her to the salon, Fiesta I think it is. She walks inside and me and my boyfriend Kody stay outside. As my boyfriend and I wait outside and wait for my mother to get finished with her hair cut, we notice the sight of some deer.

There were about three or four of them just grazing and what was left of the grass from frost the night before. But we quickly returned to our pervious conversation.  By that time my mother was finished and was ready to leave. Kody and I inform my mother about the deer and all she wants to do is take a picture of the deer with her new Droid. I pulled up to the grass as close as I can without actually getting into the grass. When I come to a complete stop thinking that she would have already got the picture, she starts complaining about how she wants to get closer and closer for the picture.

Finally, it got to the point where she was driving me crazy. The normal person would have just driven away from the deer and said “If you want the picture you can get it another time. But not, me. I got tired of her yelling in my ear that her zoom didn’t work. So before she had a chance to say her zoom didn’t work again, I said “Ok I will just take you closer.”

So I drove through the ditch and started chasing after the deer. I yelled to mom “Is the close enough?” and all she could do was yell more now she thought I was going to hit them.

Well, she was a little right I tried to hit them, but they were too fast and got away. It was just their lucky day. I drove back through the ditch and was one my way back home.

I don’t advise chasing deer on private property but if someone wants to take a picture and the zoom doesn’t work, you have to get closer.


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