Eating Disorders


Amber Hollen

In a world of competition, where perfection is a must, some people feel pressure to be the best and look the best. When it comes to being thin, to win, you must be the thinnest. Eight million people in the U.S turn to an eating disorder to achieve weight loss. Three percent of women turn to Anorexia, (self-imposed starvation,) and four percent turn to Bulimia, (Which is purging the food you take in.)

“Eating disorders aren’t the best way to lose weight,” Senior Gunnar Kennedy says, “because the person will never find their body good enough.” Most eating disorders develop by the accident of a diet gone too far. A dieter may just want to change their body to look thinner, but what the dieter may not know is that eating disorders can lead to kidney, and liver disease, heart failure, and death if taken too far. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate out of any psychological disease.

There are more than 8,500 “pro-Ana” websites, which are designed by and for people with eating disorders. The websites give tips on dieting, how to hide you’re eating disorder, lists of calories in foods and more. “Everyone is unique; you don’t need to try to fit in.” Courtney Axsom says. Everyone is too busy trying to conform into the latest trend and weight limits to be their self. In our society, if you’re not thin, you’re considered lazy. But if you are thin, you’re automatically beautiful. Everyone is trying to achieve fake beauty and perfection, so they take away an essential item from their life, proper nutrition.


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