Pillow Pet Pandemonium


Paige DeNardi


A small child’s dream come true. Finally children everywhere can experience the love and cuddliness of a pet, while enjoying the convenience of nap time anywhere. Pillow Pets are the snuggly warm creatures whose adorable looks and catchy theme song have turned the world upside down. With the Christmas Season coming up, there’s bound to be an angry mob of mothers fighting for a pillow pet for their children.

“I’m thinking about buying my daughters Pillow Pets for Christmas,” says mother of three Angela Meadors. “They’re so cute, and the girls really seem to want one.” Pillow Pets unique design, which includes Velcro straps, allow the pillow to instantly transform into a pet and back again. Parents say the appeal is that they aren’t just buying another stuffed animal to be thrown into a tote, but that their child could actually use. “I have bought several stuffed animals for the kids. We have trashbags full of them in the garage,” says Meadors. “Maybe they will actually use this on trips we make in the car or for something useful.”

Pillow Pets aren’t just for younger kids though, many older children and young adults want them too. “Pillow Pets are so cute,” says Salem Sophomore Madison Brooks. “I want one so bad. The ladybugs are the cutest things I have ever seen.” The appeal is endless. They’re collectible, transformable, useful, and adorable. “I think it would be really cool to collect all of them, and then maybe when I’m older I can show them to my kids,” says Brooks.

This year Toys R’ Us placed the toy on the 2010 Hot Toys List for the Holiday season. Costing around $20, and available almost anywhere prospects for the toy look high. Last year the toy flew off the shelves all over the U.S. This Holiday Season things are looking good for the Pillow Pets.


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