Review: Buckcherry’s “All Night Long”

Buckcherry.  A band known for hard drug use and spending time with… unfavorable chicks… Each of their first four albums is full of drugs and sex, so my natural assumption was this fifth album would be the same. Man, was I wrong.
I popped the CD in and started off on the title track, All Night Long. A nice little drum intro starts off, Todd’s voice gets tossed in, the guitar swings in. I’m starting to get convinced that Todd’s lyrical sense has changed. When one reads the title of the track, one may assume that this is going to be about a one night stand with a girl that the narrator is in to. However, no part in the song mentions drugs or sex outright as do many other Buckcherry songs. It’s a Party keeps this trend going with the story of a party full of rock, but again the lyrics stray away from the classic Too Drunk party of being exactly that.
I wanted to find something dirty in these songs just to prove my Buckcherry theory (all songs must include a curse word or drug/sex reference to be a song). The first song I landed on was Never Say Never, which seemed like a likely candidate. The song is amazing in every aspect; it tells a great story while keeping on some hard guitar and some quick drum beats. Johnny and Sara are two lovebirds who just aren’t right, but that’s what keeps them together. The song manages to complete their story in just under four minutes, a feat which is hard to achieve (trust me, I’ve tried). But! This song provided no results and my theory was shot down.
I forged ahead to I Want You, which is the first slow love song I discovered on the CD. I’m not going to lie, this song is actually great. The guitar is subtle, which leaves the song in a deeper, I-miss-her kind of mood. On to Our World, Josh Todd’s plead to the world to stop what we’re doing and live and let live. In it he talks about fighting over oil in the Middle East and wonders what he can do to save the world from itself. Next up is Bliss, telling the story of a kiss that brings joy to two people’s lives. Still no proof for my theory.
The final song on the plain Jane edition (the deluxe edition adds six songs) of “All Night Long” is Dead. Todd starts off the first verse of a rehash of what his life was like just a decade ago: lawless. Josh Todd use to be one of the most drug addicted rockers in the music industry and slept with more women in a week than most people will in their lives. He goes on to comment about how people say his generation is dead (where the name of the song originates) and eventually talks about how he still messes up after everything he has been through.
My theory was never proven; this album is an entirely new vein for Buckcherry. Most bands struggle if they go for a drastic switch like this, but Todd and the band have managed to make this album stand out as a 2010 release. 43 minutes of rock and perfect lyrics drives this album into my top ten effortlessly. If you are still looking for a great gift for someone, anyone, on your Christmas list, I suggest picking it up here.
If you want to get the album for yourself and want to download it to your computer, click here.


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