Salem vs Austin Scrimmage Game


Ben Stephens

The game was Thursday at six o’clock, played at Austin’s home court. The game was played with four single quarters. Which means, after every quarter, the score would reset to zero. Then they junior varsity would play one quarter.

The Lions won the first quarter, led by guard Matt Steggamen, with the help of his brother Andrew. Austin did not put as much of a fight in the first game. The Lions won the second game as well.

Ian and Zach Bowling had this game under wraps. The Lions were up two to zero against the Eagles at this first point. The third game, the Lions lost.

The Eagles’ big guys were the reason why the won the third game. The series was now at two to one, Lions. The last game for the varsity pulled out a victory.

The whole team played a big part in this game. The Austin Eagles played hard but lost the scrimmage three to one. The junior varsity game was only one quarter.

The quarter lasted for twelve minutes. Lions guard against Austin was an important part of this game. They were down by six points with 45 seconds left on the clock. Derek Catlett got the ball quick for the Lions. He scored, raising the score to 8 Lions and Eagles, 12.

The defensive Lions stole the ball from the Eagles and scored a quick layup. With six seconds on the clock, the score became closer, 10 to 12. The eagles brought the ball down the court, but it was again stolen by Austin Pleasanton. He went behind the back and scored a floater to the tie the game, 12-12. The scrimmage was over with both teams knowing what to work on.


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