The Project of the Year: Advanced Art


Anna Jenkins


“They are absurd! Some kid is doing one of babies choking on mushrooms!” Katelan Hartlage said, referring to the new art project in the advanced art classes. Each student chose five phrases from a can and chose three. Of the three, the students are to draw a picture showing motion. Phrases consist of counteracting words, such as: curve straight, good morning goodnight, silent collision, happily sad, etc.

Many students are enjoying the projects as a whole, others have other opinions. “I have no motivation to work on this project, I feel like I have no say in what goes into it,” Shannon Hall states. Other students love the project all together. “I love this project, it’s a creative idea,” Amber Hollen says. Jane Spencer-Pierce, the art teacher, got the idea from her son, Luke Spencer-Pierce who had to make a booklet explaining the project in a college art class. The project is the final for students in the advanced art classes which give each student approximately six weeks to complete it.


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