Sorry Granny and Hipsters; I hate your sweater

Exhibit A

It’s that time of year again. Hot chocolate, Christmas lights, sitting by the fire. Unfortunately, winter time also brings out something you may not be too jolly to see: ugly Christmas sweaters. You know the kind I’m talking about. The tacky sweaters with bells and obnoxious pictures of snowmen and Christmas trees. They are usually worn by old women or hipsters. Not even dogs are safe from the horribly outdated tacky sweater craze! You would never be caught dead in one… but that doesn’t stop Grandma Gertrude from buying all of her grandchildren hideous sweaters for an embarrassing family photo.

I decided to go on a hunt for the ugliest Christmas sweater available at Goodwill. I came prepared to be mentally scarred. I was actually very surprised by the good sense of fashion at the Clarksville Goodwill. I only found two cringe-worthy Christmas sweaters. I probably would have had better luck at the Scottsburg Goodwill. They have ugly Christmas sweaters year-round. The best place to find hideous Christmas sweaters, though, was to flip through my old family photos.

Unless you are an “ironic” hipster, I sincerely hope that you will not be sporting a tacky sweater this holiday season. I love ugly Cosby sweaters, but even I cringe when I see ugly holiday sweaters. Hopefully grannies every where will realize how ugly their Santa sweaters are, and promptly throw them in the fireplace to roast marshmallows with. Let’s make 2010 an atrocious sweater free Holiday season!

Lauren Voyles, Staff Writer


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