Holiday Travelers Receive a Special “Touch.”

By Brittany Campbell

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is undoubtedly facing criticism for its “holiday handling.” Should people have the right to say when enough is enough if the situation is concerning the well-being of thousands? U.S citizens have had quite a qualm with the installation the new full body scanners and “enhanced” pat-downs added to the security system in 70 of 450 of the nation’s airports.

Travelers have the option to opt out of the full body scanner, but then they must go through the timed art of “gate-rape,” otherwise known as the “enhanced” pat-down, by a TSA security member. Gate-Rape consists of a TSA member probing around in “certain,” body areas such as the groin, chest, and rear-end. While travelers have the right to be patted down in a private room, they are still forced to submit to the hands in a pat-down if they trigger an alarm or refuse to go through a full body scanner. Many have claimed that the new system consists of “groping people in the name of safety.” John Pistole, chief of TSA, states that airline travel is a “privilege,” and that for now, “nothing will change.”

The full body scanners being placed in airports around the nation create a blurry image of an unknown person “in the nude.” Pistole has also made it clear that the scanner doesn’t come in contact with the future traveler, and also that the TSA member looking at the nude image presented doesn’t come in contact with the traveler because the traveler’s facial features are distorted. So don’t worry, the TSA member won’t see your face, but they will see every other naked crevice and curve of your unshielded body. But, again you can opt out of the scanner for a “mildly” invasive pat-down.

There have been many complaints and incidences that have come along since the installation of both devices. Dealing specifically with the pat-down, one woman was asked to remove a breast implantation after a fight with breast cancer, and another man was patted down so severely that it caused his urostomy bag to burst, after the TSA member failed to heed his warnings. Both of these incidents could have been avoided, and there have been statements made about adjusting the new system and working out a few bugs. For now U.S citizens must deal with the upcoming changes, and wait until there is yet, further “improvement,” toward our airline security system.


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