Prosser Allows Exciting Possibilities to Students

By Luke Martin


If you’re anything like me, the idea of going to school seven periods a day for classes that may or may not have any meaning outside of high school is mildly depressing. Wouldn’t you rather be focusing on the development of skills in your career of choice? You’re in luck, my friend: If you’re a Sophomore looking to spice up your Junior and Senior year a bit, then attending Prosser, a vocational school in New Albany, is your best bet for an exciting learning experience.


Have a passion for working with air conditioners? Cars? Food? Computers? The human body? Hand guns? Well, if you’re anything except the last one, I suggest you immediately head down to the counselors office and demand more information on these wonderful options. Or, alternatively, you could finish reading this great article written by me, a current Prosser attendee.


Prosser was a natural choice for me, since I found the computer courses here at SHS under-stimulating and rather boring. But it’s an entirely different story at Prosser; classes are intense, the equipment is up-to-date, and everything is taken in a hands-on approach. You won’t be reading any books about how to fix computers, instead, you’ll be working with the actual hardware that makes a computer tick. At the same time, you’ll be earning your A+, which is a certification that holds actual weight in the computer repair industry. While getting your first certification feels good, there’s much more to the world of computers at Prosser than just repair. The moment you receive your A+, you’ll be ready to start using professional-level networking equipment and earn your Net+ and CCNA certifications. While most students never reach their CCNA, you can still gain up to twenty-five hours of college credit at Ivy Tech for attempting to do so. And to make things even better, those credits will transfer to a myriad of different schools! Excited yet? I know I was when I first signed up.


Let me finish by saying that attending Prosser has no great disadvantage. Most students can maintain a Core 40 with Technical Honors, and the skills you’ll be developing will give you practical, real-world experience that will work look great in the job market. I highly recommend you, at the very least, consider the idea of attending Prosser.



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