The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Chances are, you have purchased something online before. Online shopping offers the convenience of buying items without ever leaving home. Some people love online shopping, and others hate it. There are obviously a few downsides to online shopping.  Are the pros of online shopping worth the cons?

One of the greatest things about shopping online is never having to leave home. Another awesome thing about it is that you can find almost everything you’re looking for. In fact, some products are only available online. There will also be a greater availability of sizes and colors. There is also a great selection of vintage items such as cameras or clothing, though they are more expensive online than in thrift stores. With sites like eBay and, you can receive items at prices that are lower than you could ever get in most stores.

A huge con of shopping online is the price and time of shipping. Shipping has become very expensive and can take quite a while to get to you, especially since mail doesn’t run on Sunday or on holidays. Another issue is not being able to try clothing or shoes on, especially when you can’t return the item. Some items, such as refrigerators or dryers, would be ridiculously expensive to be shipped to your house if pick up is not available. It would also be foolish to buy expensive jewellery online, because of the risk of being stolen during delivery. Just like some items are only available online, some items are only available in stores. Some stores do not have online shopping, such as craft or grocery stores. A serious problem is that online shopping has to be paid for by a credit card or bank account, making it impossible for those under 18 to purchase things online with out parental permission.

There are major advantages and disadvantages of shopping online. The decision to purchase online or in store often depends on the circumstance. In the end, it comes down to the preferences of the buyer. Some people are die-hard online shoppers, some avoid online purchases at all costs or don’t know how to use the internet, and some are somewhere in the middle. If you have never tried online shopping, I highly recommend it. Hopefully the pros and cons I have provided some sort of inspiration to your future purchases. So long, and happy shopping.

Lauren Voyles, Staff Writer


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