LA Candy- Review


Charlie Seabolt

Most of us know Lauren Conrad as the good girl who was on the hit MTV show “The Hills.” She gave herself a new title when she released her first book; she became Lauren Conrad the author.

“L.A. Candy” is about a couple of best friends who move to Los Angeles for a new exciting life. For the main characters Jane and Scarlett that’s exactly what they got when they got signed for their own reality show on the fictional television network PopTV.

I really only have good things to say about the series, the books are interesting, page turning girl drama reads. The only thing I have to say about that books that could be perceived in a bad way, not that I mean it in that way, is that the books and the characters are very similar… to similar to the show that Lauren Conrad starred on. This of course isn’t a bad thing it was just a funny thing to notice throughout all of the books, to refer back to the TV show and compare.

The series was exciting, but not the most exciting thing ever. What kept me reading was how I wanted to know what drama would ensue next. I would recommend the series to anyone who likes to read a girly series… or anyone who didn’t watch The Hills and wants a quick version.


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