Rapid-fire reviews: “Why Aren’t I Home?” and “Hospice”

In the world of music reviews, people love writing long, pretentious, and multi-paragraph novels over some indie band you’ve never heard of. I don’t have time to read all that, so I definitely don’t have time to write something as intricate. To combat my laziness, here’s some “rapid-fire” reviews.

Athletics – Why Aren’t I Home?

In the same vein as label-mates Moving Mountains, Athletics’ “Why Aren’t I Home” features a wide variety of both lyrical and instrumental themes spread across eleven tracks. Everything stands out in this album; from the soaring vocals to the reverb-driven guitars, even the weaker tracks contribute to what I’d call a true gem of an album. There’s even an entirely instrumental track on here called “Fairview,” that remains beautifully relevant to the album, despite lacking the soul-crushing vocals present in other songs.

The Antlers – Hospice

After a quiet release in 2009, “Hospice” exploded after receiving some play on a popular indie radio show broadcasted on NPR.

“Hospice” is about a relationship gone awry, but is told through an analogy of a hospital worker dealing with a dying patient. Thanks to this, each song is surrounded in an air of melancholy and hope; although this sounds a bit flowery, there’s really no other way to describe it. This album is truly a devastating piece of artwork that has the potential to bring a feeling of loss to even the hardest, non-artistic people out there. Definitely the best album I’ve heard in the past few years.


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