Sports Doomsday


Dylan St. Clair

March 4, 2011 is the day the NFL reaches rock bottom. Why is this day so significant? It is the day the NFL collective bargaining agreement runs out. Some say that nothing will happen. Others see a lockout in the horizon. Every football fan that has been keeping a tab on sports is asking these two questions: “Why is this happening and is there any way to prevent it?”

The big problem with the NFL is that the players and the team owners are not seeing eye-to-eye. The owners want more of their players. The players want more of the same. The owners want a larger percent of the money the team intakes. As of right now, sixty percent of the money they get goes straight to the players.
A second issue the players and owners are disagreeing on is that the owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell want to remove two preseason games and replace them with two regular-season games. The players refuse to play in these games, thinking more of their safety then the money, which is what the owners and Goodell wants. Thinking of their safety is a completely reasonable argument to the owner’s proposal. There are a large number of retired players that are suffering from injuries that will hurt them for the rest of their lives.
These are the two major proposals that are causing this multi-billion dollar disagreement. But what could happen if the two sides do not sign the collective bargaining agreement? If worst comes to worst, there will be a lockout and a player’s strike. A lockout means that the owners will not allow their employees (the players) to work, or play in other words. A players strike is similar, but on the other side. The players will refuse to play due to certain treatment from their boss. A better case would be if one or the other happened, not both.


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