The Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal is an activity that is often underrated. Keeping a journal or diary is also often associated with being “girly”. Journaling has been proven to reduce stress by releasing your negative or positive emotions in a non-destructive way. But reducing stress is not the only benefit of keeping a journal. There are several other benefits, as seen below.

1. Goal-setting – You can understand what you actually want and why you want it if you write it down on paper. Goals and aspirations can be written down in a journal and looked over at a later time. You can also journal about the progress you are making on your goals.

2. Improve your writing skills – People are often afraid to share their writing for fear of public criticism. A journal is a place where you can relax and write without feeling like you will be judged. This helps one develop their own writing style and encourages them to do more writing outside of their journal.

3. Keep memories – In general, humans are very forgetful. We could hardly remember what we dreamed about, what we wanted, or what we felt like five years ago. Keeping a log of your life is a great way to record information so you can look over it at a later time.

4. Improve focus – Journaling creates more personal awareness. It also gets things off of your mind so you can focus better on whatever task is at hand. Writing in a journal means setting aside time to think over your emotions.

5. Practice remembering skills – When you write events down in a journal, you often have to think back to exactly what happened. Working your memory when keeping track of events or playing memory games have been shown to improve memory.

There are so many benefits to journaling that I could not list them all. Journaling is something that everyone should do if they have a chance. It is very beneficial to your mental health and helps ease stress. Contrary to popular belief, keeping a journal won’t turn you into a girl or make you a wimp. If you do not already journal, I recommend getting a journal or even just a plain notebook and writing in it at least once a week, or even just when you feel like you need to sort things out. You could be surprised at just how effective it is.


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