New Forever 21 Location Opens in Louisville

Fashion store Forever 21, which currently has over 400 stores in America, recently opened a store the near-by city of Louisville. Forever 21 had a location in the mall near the food court but they relocated into an old Dillard’s space. There is something very different about this location, though.

The new Forever 21 in Louisville is larger than the Times Square location in New York City. Its 110,000 square feet makes it the second largest Forever 21 location in the country. The largest one is in Las Vegas and is 126,000 sq. ft. The Louisville location has two stories and an escalator to travel between the two. Because of the store’s large amount of space, Forever 21 has been able to put its other clothing lines in the store, including 21 Men for men and HTG 81 for kids. The store also has individual sections for undergarments and athletic wear and a large section for shoes.

The store is hoping to attract large amounts of business. With all of the variety of clothing in the store, there is something for everyone. Whether you love Forever 21 or hate it, you should definitely check out the new location.


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