“Unique” Name Spellings

Imagine you are someone who interviews people for job positions. You receive a                                                                                             resume with the name “Kortenay Jones” on the top of it. Would you want to hire this person? You might automatically assume that this person is uneducated. This is not a far-fetched assumption, since it has been proven that uneducated parents are more likely to give their children “original” or “uniquely spelled” names.

Sure, it might seem cute and fun to name your daughter “K’Dee” (Katie) when they’re a newborn, but when they are trying to apply for a job their name will most likely repel many employers. Their name will also most likely cause peers to make fun of the child for their name. And even though it may seem like the spelling is original, I can assure you, it is not. Crazy spellings of names has been a trend for over 20 years. Any spelling that could be used has been used, several times.

Individuality does not come from a name. It comes from personality. Naming the most boring person in the world “Maigyn” (Megan) will not make them more interesting or unique. Likewise, naming an interesting and original person John doesn’t make them automatically boring. Instead of coming up with some wacky way to spell a name, encourage your child to be creative and develop their own individual personality instead of following the crowd. Most likely if you choose a strange spelling for your child’s name, you or your child will most likely regret the decision at some point during their life. Having a common name with the correct spelling won’t make them boring.

It may seem like a cute idea at first, but think about the consequences before you choose to give your child a totally misspelled name.

Here are some fun examples for you:

Alzybeth (Elizabeth)

Cadei (Katie)

Alykzandra (Alexandria)

Maddyssyn (Madison)

Alycyn (Alison)

Tiphanyie (Tiffany)

Jeweleigh’Ona (Juliana)

Qhistopher (Christopher)

Aleczander (Alexander)

Khymburleigh (Kimberly)

Ayran (Aaron)

Xaqueri (Zachary)

Ducoda (Dakota)

Trindty (Trinity)

Lorynn (Lauren)

Britt’neigh (Brittany)

Khaytlen (Caitilin)

Mmallee (Emily)

Aymannda (Amanda)

Kadee (Katie)

Taler (Taylor)

Kala (Kayla)

Rhelei (Rylie)

Anuhbel (Annabelle)

Bhrijut (Bridget)

Tryndee (Trinity)

Le-a (Ledasha)


2 responses to ““Unique” Name Spellings

  • Smeds

    I think that name Maddyssyn looks kind of cool, but looks even better as Madysyn.

  • Smedsmom

    Fantastic article! Parents don’t realize what they are doing to their child when they name them weird things like this. They will always have to SPELL their name for EVERYTHING! This teen writer is smarter than alot of adults for realizing this!!!!

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