A Basketball Shakeup

Dylan St Clair

February 24 at three in the afternoon marked the NBA Trade Deadline. Two days before the deadline, one of the most expected moves was made; Carmello Anthony was traded to the New York Knicks. Hours before trades in the NBA were no more for the season, there were a few team-changing moves that were made. Deron Williams, the former Utah Jazz point guard, was unexpectedly traded to the New Jersey Nets for Derek Favors, Devin Harris, two first round draft picks and three million dollars. This sends one of the nation’s best point guards to the East, which is already loaded with talent.

Baron Davis, the guard that passed the Dunk Contest winning pass out of the sunroof of a car to Blake Griffen, was “sentenced” to play for the Cleveland Cavilers along with a first round draft pick after being traded for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. The most surprise trade (other than the Deron Williams trade) was a trade between the Boston Celtics and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder received guard Nate Robinson and center Kendrick Perkins while the Celtics got A.J. Green, Nenad Kristic and a first round draft pick.


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