Classic Cartoons Revived

For years, children of the 90’s have been complaining about the quality of today’s cartoons. Teenagers can now rejoice, because Nickelodeon plans on bringing back some of the classic cartoons of the 90’s.

Starting March 14, 2011, Nick will go back to the studio to produce new episodes of the classic 90’s cartoons. Some of these cartoons are Rocket Power, Doug, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and Angry Beavers. The list of shows is not yet definite.

Why did it take Nickelodeon all these years to fulfill our request to bring back the classics? The man who runs the network says, “We have noticed a significant drop in ratings since our shows from the late 1990’s. We have strayed from our cartoons and we believe that was our biggest mistake. We have contacted the producers from these shows and we were able to make a deal to get them back to making new episodes.”

There has been question as to whether or not the shows will be presenting new concepts or picking up where they left off. There have been rumors that the Hey Arnold cast will be in middle school in the new episodes. It has also been predicted that the Rocket Power kids will now be in their teen years. Nick has yet to confirm any of these rumors.

The news of the 90’s comeback hasn’t been spread very widely yet, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

What was your favorite 90’s cartoon?

Lauren Voyles, Staff Writer


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