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Every day at 2:29, sixth period lets out. Everyone knows that some kids walk over to the middle school for a seventh period band class led by Ms. Harmon. Not very many students know there is another class that is held at the middle school seventh period. A Dance Performance class is held in the middle school art room last period. The class is led by Mr. Trueblood.


The class is made up of five girls: Junior Kayla Percy, Sophomores Heather Nale and Brittany Durham, and Freshmen Kelsy Courtney and Victoria Dunn.


At the beginning of the year, the class started learning ball room dances like the waltz. Senior band members Josh Medlock, Frank Levering and Travis Mull came over to provide a partner for the girls. The couples danced around the art room.


More recently, the class has been doing things more related to Mr. Trueblood’s passion of guard in the auditorium. First semester, the group worked on flag basics. They did drop spins, simple tosses, and some wraps. They also did what the guard calls “across the floors” where the group stands on one side of the stage and does certain things to get to the other side, like jazz running, China, leaps and others.


Mr. Trueblood introduced the rifle late last semester, and the class had to do a few rifle moves on their final exam.  The rifle has been used much more second semester and most feel confident throwing.


Mr. Trueblood hopes to interest the girls in color guard during the fall. To give the class a sense of what the guard is about, he allowed them to participate in the winter parade with the band.


The class is a full year class and is worth two fine art credits, which is mandatory to graduate with academic honors.



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